"Our memories from the American alternative rock of the 80's come to life in the best way. Noise and melody fight each other – the Pixies meet Suicide. Hey guys - you really moved me."
Makis Milatos, Athens Voice


"Dynamic rock'n'roll from Thessaloniki reaching back to the 80's U.S. underground scene. Imaginative and rich sounding guitars create an unpredictable musical world that evolves into a burst of pure energy. All this turmoil is held down to a relatively slow rhythm. Using contradicting chords and unstressed riffs does not lead to relief, but keeps the ominous ambience until the very end."
Kostis Driyiannakis, Difono magazine


"Νanoi deliver 10 passionate compositions of 80's U.S. underground rock, reminding bands like the Wipers and Minutemen. The songs have unusual melodies that need time to be explored, since they are not based on easy mainstream refrains but on strong, unpretentious feeling. Combine that with interesting lyrics and you have an album that won't fade through time."
Dimitris Argyropoulos, Pop and Rock Magazine


"Τhe rock Babel that is being meticulously built before our ears can't be found easily in Greece. Being avant-garde in rock'n'roll is to turn back, in search of the heart of the beast."
Fontas Troussas, Jazz & Jazz magazine


"What we 've got here is genuine rock'n'roll with unbelievable momentum and power. Everything to the maximum (drums, bass, angry rough vocals, ditorted guitars). Electronics? Ha, none, zero. Everything handmade with a lot of feeling."
Kiriakos Skordas,


"Τheir personal Hotel California is more trashy – it's called Motel Salonica and is hard sounding, garage tripping and not at all stingy."
Kostas Karderinis,




"The finale, under the title "Hypnotic", leaves your logic to fight in a sound and phonetic nebula of psychotropic eastern block industrial chaos, such that you don't want to believe that the five Dwarfs have exhausted with this album the world of their musical ..."
"Also, if we exclude Nana Mouschouri, they are the only Greek artists that are not expressed in one but in...four languages and in particular in one only piece, the inaugural."
Argyris Zilos, Difono Magazine


"Should we call it Greek rock or would it be much better if we could call it electric metropolitan music of our times? One thing is for sure that the new album by Nanoi has a variety of musical references, which is rare in the Greek rock scene."
"The Dwarfs dislike stability. They continuously change style, their verses alter in five-six languages, they arrange Indian mandras with electric frequencies, they set up small symphonies of noise. "Linguafon" blew up like lightning in serenity."
Thanassis Moutsopoulos, Pop and Rock Magazine


"All compositions of the album constitute a continuous defuse of energy, in a game of extreme pictures and sentiments, where we pass from the exploration of noise in the abstraction and in the creation of new musical parts and from there to a reconstruction of the initial idea."
"With very well absorbed influences, they start from psychedelia with report in the riff of "Lucifer Sam " of the early Pink Floyd (F#), they pass from no wave and punk in order to reach finally in the creation of their own personal sound with post rock and electronica elements."
Th. D., Pop and Rock Magazine


"The 47 minutes of "Linguafon" is the opposite of monotony."
Yiannis Simantiras, Mylos Fanzeen


"The musical stain of "Linguafon" is lost in the skillet where fallen disks as "Ju Ju of "Siouxsie and the Banshees" or "First Edition" of Public Image, something (at least) welcome and (at most) interesting."
Doctor Rockfort, Mylos Fanzeen