Nanoi is a music collective based in Thessaloniki, Greece. They play a mixture of experimental and indie rock. They have released three albums Linguafon 2000,  Nanodrive 2006 and Five Boxes 2012.



Nanoi were formed in 1993. The first line up was Panos Nanos (guitar), Andreas Nanos (bass) and Alexis Nanos (drums). A year later Evanthia Sofronidou and Suzy Beza joined as vocalists. In 1997 Suzy left the band. In 1998 Eucalyptus (Noise Promotion Company) joined to play guitar. In 1999 they recorded their first album Linguafon wich was released in 2000. In 2001 Evanthia left the band and Simos Nanos (Citizen Kane) joined as lead vocalist. Eucalyptus left the band in 2003 and Simos Nanos took over guitar duties. In 2005 they recorded their second album Nanodrive with George Bandoek (Noise Promotion Company, Blues Wire, Thanassis Papakonstantinou) as a guest guitarist. Andreas Nanos left the band in 2007 and Kostas Hassiotis (Nasa Funk, Alexandros Perros and the Lonestars) replaced him. The same year Christina Nanou joined in as vocalist. In 2009 Asklipios Zabetas (Mushrooms, Trypes, Ghetto, Ghost Note Project) joined in as lead guitarist. Guest musicians at performances include Mihalis Vrettas on violin, Yannis Marinos on the trompone and Semeli Tagara on vocals.


Current line up

Simos Nanos: vocals, guitar
Asklipios Zabetas: guitar

Panos Nanos: guitar
Kostas Hassiotis: bass, vocals
Alexis Nanos: drums